Sunday, July 12, 2020

Number One Card Only Redux

Today's one card only post is another #1 card. Two years after Tony's 'Star Power' card kicked off the 1996 Topps set, he was allocated the #1 card in the Topps flagship set again.

Card Number 175: Topps, 1998; #1
It's not a particularly inspiring card front.

Topps made it very hard to spot the number on the cardback. Can you find it?

Of course, Topps didn't know that the player leading off their card set in 1998 would also be leading his team to their second, and to date most recent, World Series. There was a long season ahead before the Padres played the Yankees in the Fall Classic. But it is sort of cool that Tony got honoured with the #1 card in such a notable season.

He was also the #1 card in the Pinnacle set for 1998. Doubly cool!

Total: 175/394


  1. Yeah... that number is tough to spot. I wish they would have turned it so it's the same direction as the rest of the text on the card.

    1. Yes it's bizarre orientation. Took me ages to find it when I had the card in hand!