The Big Page of Thank Yous

A lot of people have helped me put this collection together. If you feel you should be on this list then please get in touch.

First off, a huge thanks to my wife, Cathy, for encouraging me to spend time doing this. And for booking us on a trip to Cooperstown, and to all the ball games we've attended. (And also for helping my Mum buy me a scanner especially for foilcard baseball cards! And Mum, for buying it!)

Other bloggers

Mark AKA Fuji, for all the comments (Chronicles of Fuji); Jeff (Wax Pack Wonders); Rod (Padrographs)

Other collectors

Mark Benn, Bill Blanchard, Laura Brain (LJ's Clubhouse / YouTube), Jay Carrera, Glenn Codere, Allan Collett, Jason Derr (Dugout Classics / Tea and Topps), Ian Dixon, Tim Gilara (see his Tony Gwynn collection on Twitter), Gregoire Guillet (his website), Paul Hepburn, Matt Johnson, Marc Kingham, Andy Mackie, Dave Maggs, Dean McDermott, Wilhelm von Mollendorf, Graham Muncie, Richard Nabors (YoRicha), Drew Orr, Gawain Owen (see his Cuban collection here), Jack Pollard, Rodney Rens, Brian Samuelson, Andrew Shaw, Jamie Smith, Jeff Smith, Jasper Spanjaart, Andrew Traynier, Russ Warburton, Greg Wellington, Ross Wilson

Of all these people, Gawain is far and away the person who has sourced the most cards in my collection. It's not far off 394 cards just from him. 


I am indebted to the following:

Trading Card Database (my profile on TCDb)

Baseball Reference

Baseball Cards & Collectibles UK (Facebook group)

Topps Baseball Cards - UK (Facebook group)

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