Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Tuesday Twins - 90s chrome

Rather than blogging two cards that look the same today, I'm going to blog the chrome versions of cards that have been on before.

Card Number 803: Topps Chrome, 1996; #97

I used the overhead scanner on this as Chrome cards don't come out very well on my flatbed scanner. The way the light caught it means the frame seems to fade away. But at least you can see Tony. Although, as I said when I blogged the ordinary version of this card, this is probably one of the worst cards of Tony produced by Topps in the 90s. I dislike the distorted cameo portrait along the bottom and it looks no better in shiny chrome.

The cardback has a different number but is otherwise the same as the normal cards. There were only 165 cards from the flagship set given the chrome treatment in 1996.

Card Number 804: Topps Chrome. 1997; #145

This is actually the fourth version of this card I now have in the collection. The other three were blogged as a trio last year. Again, the overhead scan has affected the shiny silver border.

Tony made the cut again in this 165-card set. Topps haven't always shown such restraint - some years they have chromatised the entire set!

As cardbacks go, it's not very exciting. The stats box is so big there is barely any room for a factoid.

Total: 804 cards


  1. I have no real opinion on Topps Chrome as I never understood there appeal. Sure they are shiny...
    If I remember correctly they cost 3 times as much as the regular Topps and you got less cards. I suppose they had a lower print run but who could tell? They were just another un-needed product or what would become a saturated market of products. There were worse brands to buy and there were better.Nothing great, nothing horrible, just shiny.

    1. They definitely appeal to collectors that are part-magpie.