Saturday, October 23, 2021

Two more cards from 1996 and a blog milestone!

For the previous three days I have blogged three cards a day from 1996. I still have more cards from that year and I've picked two today that will take this blog up to 800 cards.

Card Number 799: Pinnacle Zenith, 1996; #91

This is the pinnacle of scanning nightmares - a black shiny card. In retrospect, scanning it on a black background wasn't the smartest move. The display of fanned out bats in the background makes this card distinct.

On the back there is a 'hit location chart'!

Pinnacle made a point of doing data differently on their cardbacks. This visualisation is very informative. Tony didn't score many homers but they almost all went out beyond right field. He used to spray the ball all over the outfield, so clearly he just didn't quite have the power to get it over the wall in left field. This cardback is definitely worth ten bonus points.

Also, I'm not sure if this is deliberate, but the card number is the reverse of 19. 

Card Number 800: Pinnacle Zenith, 1996 #150

Another black shiny card! The last 20 cards in the 150-card set were the 'Honor Roll'. Tony had card number 150, which was the last card in the base set.

The other names listed on the Honor Roll all had cards in this subset too.

This is a nice card to illustrate Tony's place in the game during his 90s peak - his zenith, if you will - and also to show some of the cards produced during the baseball card industry peak as well. Pinnacle went to the wall a couple of years later as the hobby contracted, although it lives on now as one of Panini's many acquired brands. 

This brings me up to 800 cards on the blog. When I reached 700 cards back in July, I wasn't expecting to complete another century so quickly. But I still have lots of cards waiting to be blogged and am back into the daily posting routine which I hope to keep up throughout the winter!

Total: 800 cards


  1. As has been shown through your posts this week, 1996 was a great year to be a Baseball Card collector. There was something for everyone to collect. Every card company had a gimmick to make you shell out hard earned cash for what is really no more then a double sided picture.
    One of the greatest things for me about this blog is how you see each of these cards in a way that I haven't look at them in 26 years. This little corner of the internet has at times become pure digital nostalgia for me.

    1. Thanks YoRicha - that's a really nice thing to say :)

  2. Congratulations on the 800 card milestone! Although I'll always prefer the standard stat lines on regular issue base cards, this is still pretty cool information Pinnacle provided collectors. Loved that Gwynn spread the ball around. Would have loved to see any team use the shift against him ;D