Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Tuesday twins - shiny foil

Way back in June I blogged about Pinnacle cards and included the non-foil version of this card. This has been sitting in my 'to be blogged' folder for several months now and its time has finally come.

Card Number 513: Pinnacle (foil parallel), 1996; #267

Tony was one of 30 "hardball heroes" given a card in this subset. 

Only the last 200 cards in the set were issued as foil parallels - but that included Tony's base card and his "300" card, which was a card honouring his batting average (and the 300th card featured on this blog!)

This Pinnacle set also included a 17-card insert series which featured pictures of model and actress Christie Brinkley with star players. However, Tony didn't get a card in that insert series so had to make do with just three cards and the foil parallels!

Total: 513 cards


  1. Shame that Gwynn wasn't included in that Brinkley insert set. I really like those cards.

    1. I watched National Lampoons Vacation a couple of weeks ago. Christie Brinkley had an "and introducing..." credit.