Sunday, December 27, 2020

One Card Only - Hands of Gold

It's the day after Boxing Day, which in our house is called Boxing Day Boxing Day! It's also a Sunday so that means it's one card only, and today's card honours Tony's fielding skills.

Card Number 553: Topps Hand of Gold insert, 2000; #HG5

This die-cut insert card is very shiny!

Tony often talked about how he had to work on his fielding when he started playing professionally. As with his hitting, his incredible focus paid off. He made very few errors in the outfield and in some seasons recorded a fielding percentage as remarkable as his batting average. In fact, in two seasons when he was batting champion, he also won a gold glove!

To date I think this is the only Tony Gwynn card I have that honours his skill and dedication as an outfield player. Several Padres have won Gold Gloves since Tony's fifth award (including Trent Grisham in 2020), but Tony is still the franchise leader.

Total: 553 cards


  1. Sharp looking card! I dont recall ever seeing a card that recognizes Gwynn's glove work. Which is odd since he was such a fine fielder.

  2. Oooh... I was just about to comment how much I love the 90's and their inserts. But then I saw that this card is from 2000. Close enough I guess. I love this era of trading cards.

  3. I love these inserts. I like seeing die cuts that don't feature such sharp angles.

  4. It seems like other people appreciate this card as much as I do!