Sunday, December 13, 2020

One Card Only - Pacific Prism

Card Number 532: Pacific Crown Collection Silver Circle Prisms, 1994; #36

Not to be confused with Panini Prizm cards (which are spelled with a Z)

There were three kinds of Prism insert cards in Pacific's first Crown Collection series - Gold, Silver, and Silver Circles. These are shiny and yet scan really well. It's one of the earliest cards to feature Tony as a cut out image with no background.

Although these were inserted in the Crown Collection set, they just carry the regualr Pacific logo of the time. The cardback is bilingual and features another cut-out image of Tony.

The giant gemstone is meant to be a visual pun on 'diamonds' as in baseball fields. It creates an orange and turquoise combo that is very early 90s in its colour scheme. 

Pacific produced Prism inserts in various card ranges from 1994 through to 2000 when the company lost its licence to produce baseball cards and abruptly ceased trading. Nowadays this sort of shiny effect is commonplace, but when this card was released this was the kind of innovation that gave Pacific a but of an edge in a crowded marketplace.

Total: 532 cards


  1. Up until a few weeks ago, I didn't have a copy of this card for my collection... but Collecting Cutch hooked me up with one. Although Pacific might have been popular for their prism and gold foil back in the 90's... my favorite thing about them was their ability to crop photos and keep limbs and equipment intact.

    1. I saw this card on your blog recently and was, like, dang it! I was going to post about that!