Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Tuesday Twins - a corrected error

Way back in May when I did a post about the cards DonRuss released in 1990, I included Tony's All-Star card, which was the uncorrected error version. I didn't remark on that at the time, although I did notice that the stats box contained his stats from the All-Star game, even though the header said 'Recent Major League Performance', and noted the juxtaposition. What I didn't know then, but realised soon after, was that this was a known error and a corrected version was also released.

A few weeks back I took delivery of a joblot of 80s and 90s Tony Gwynn cards, which I knew contained a DonRuss 1990 All-Star card. It didn't have a photo of the cardback, so when it arrived, I crossed my fingers and flipped it over.

It was the corrected version!

Card Number 534: DonRuss (corrected version), 1990; #705

The front is exactly the same.

But on the back you can see that the stats box is headed 'All-Star Game Performance'.

It's not the most exciting variation in my collection, but...

a) I'm pleased to have both versions as it gives me a sense of completeness, 

b) it's a genuine error and correction unlike the silly fake 'errors' that are deliberately put into sets as parallels these days, and 

c) it gives me another card with a red border for when I put together my sub-theme collection of Tony Gwynn cards with red borders.

So, that's three reasons why it's a welcome addition to the collection.

Total: 534 cards

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  1. Thanks for inspiring me to dig through my box of spare Gwynns to see if I have any. Ended up having four of these... but none of the errors. I'll have to keep an eye out for one of these the next time I did through dime boxes.