Monday, August 10, 2020

Monday Mixer from scratch

Three random cards today, starting with a prediction that didn't come true.

Card Number 253: Upper Deck, 1997; #P23 (Predictor scratchcard)

There's a debate to be had, is a scratchcard worth keeping if it's been scratched off? Well, yes, if it's got a picture of Tony Gwynn on. 

That's a generic background picture of a batter - it's the same on all 30 Predictor cards in the range.

Here are the notes on this card from Trading Card Database"Inserted 1:5 into Series Two packs, could be redeemed for a prize if the scratched-off feat was accomplished by the player." So, basically whoever scratched off the last bat there might have been waiting for Tony to bat in three runs in a single game. 

It was a poor prediction to scratch off - Tony's final RBI tally of 1,138 currently places him at 192nd on the all time list. However, 1997 was the only time he scored more than 100 RBI and the only time he finished in the National League top ten for RBI, with 119 - so if there was any season when he might have got 3 in a game, it would be that one.

I also asked a question on the TCDb forum about it and found out that the targets that Tony had to hit for a scratchcard scratcher to win were different to other players, but all the cards featuring Tony had the same targets. I can't find out what the other 'predictions' are on the card without scratching it, so I'm going to wait until another one crosses my path and then I might scratch the rest off this one. 

Card Number 253: Score, 1996; #378

Due to an error in counting, there were two cards in my collection numbered 253 in this post, which I only discovered months later. This card has been renumbered as 514 in the collection

If you want to read about it, then check out my post on 2 December!

Card Number 254: DonRuss, 1998; #410

Another insert card to round off this Monday Mixer. It also has stars in the background.

The photo on the front really shows off the retro sleeve patch featuring the Swinging Friar mascot. That automatically adds several points to the card's coolness factor.

The photo on the back looks like it was taken during the national anthem. The little write up mentions Tony receiving the Branch Rickey Award in 1995. Branch Rickey was the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers who signed Jackie Robinson in 1948, thus breaking the colour barrier in Major League Baseball. He also started up a scheme to help disadvantaged children attend baseball games. The Award was presented between 1992 and 2014 by the Rotary Association, initiated by the Rotary Club of Denver. The Award was given annually to a player for their activity on behalf of good causes.

Alongside all the other things that Tony won, this award recognises his activity beyond baseball and it's nice that it's been commemorated on this baseball card. 

Total: 254/394


  1. I really enjoyed the interactive cards produced by Upper Deck in the 90's. Very creative. I feel like I would need two of these "Predictor" cards for my binder. One completely scratched and one intact.