Sunday, September 5, 2021

Back with a bang

It was an exciting weekend for me, as on Saturday a parcel arrived from France containing over 100 Tony Gwynn cards for my collection.

The parcel was from Greg, who owns He saw one of my posts in one of the facebook posts and sent me a list of hundreds of Tony Gwynn cards he had available. I bought all the ones I didn't have already.

(There was a bit of a delay, as usual when anything ends up in the hands of the chancers at Royal Mail  or Parcel Force. This time they charged me some VAT - I don't know what for - and, of course, their bonus 'handling fee'. I paid the ransom online. It didn't arrive on the promised delivery day. Turns out the automatic system hadn't marked it as paid. So it just sat in their depot down the road from my house for a couple of days. They are a shambles of an outfit!)

Opening the box was very exciting. The gold bits around the edges were a fancy padded envelope cut up for packing.

There was a note telling me to enjoy them. I plan to!

And here are the contents!

I now have a lot of work ahead of me, scanning, filing and, of course, blogging! I hope to find some time to scan a large number of cards and then work up some batches of blogposts to get back into a regular daily posting routine. The scanning might be difficult as there are some very shiny foil cards in the stacks there, and so I'm going to have to set up my overhead scanner.

It's good to be back though!


  1. That's a lot of Tony Gwynn cards, and I see some high quality cards in there. Nice.

  2. I see you have an autograph card. Nice grab! I think that is the first card you will blog about that isn't in my collection. I am looking forward to what you have to say about your new findings!

  3. Can't remember the last time I added 100 new cards for any player collection. That's awesome! And one of them is a jersey autograph. Sweet!

  4. Thanks everyone - seems like the auto relic got your sharp-eyed attention. I can't decide whether to lead off with that one or save it for a milestone post.

  5. Nice! Always fun to add to a collection, but 100 at once is extra great.