Sunday, December 19, 2021

One Card Only - shiny Summit!

Card Number 897: Pinnacle Summit (foil parallel), 1996; #134

The regular version of this card has already been a "One Card Only" card. This is the super-shiny foil parallel. Under the overhead scanner it pops!

On the flatbed it comes our rather dark, although Tony's features are a bit clearer.

This is now probably one of my favourite cards; definitely in my top ten. It is a beautiful protrait photo of Tony. And so, so shiny!

I discussed the back when I blogged the regular version. Pinnacle cards give mid-90s Leaf cards a good run for their money in terms of having the best cardbacks. 

So front and back, this is an absolutely solid card. Which is why it was worthy of having a blogpost all to itself!

Total: 897 cards.

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