Thursday, April 22, 2021

Super shiny slippy centering

A packet of insert cards has arrived courtesy of eBay and I will be blogging them over the next couple of weeks. I'm going to start with the shiniest card in the packet.

Card Number 649: Topps Sweet Strokes, 1997; #SS7

Soooooo shiny....

This insert card scanned surprisingly well. I'm not sure what the shininess is because unlike the chromatised cards or the foil board cards this is how it came off the scanner. 

The back is psychedelic. The write up is about Tony's 1996 season and his batting ability is compared to the precision of "a pool shooter". Meanwhile strike-outs are "sporadic accidents".

I noticed the front of this card felt a bit misaligned. It was made more  obvious by this being one of three copies of this Sweet Strikes card in the joblot I bought. Here they are together, and you can see the variation in print accuracy.

On some there is barely a border on the top, while the design has shifted right on a couple of them as well. 

There's variation in the placement on the backs as well.

I don't normally store duplicates in my binders, but these are so pretty and shiny, and fun to compare in terms of alignment, that I have them in a row in my Topps binder. 

Total: 649 cards

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