Saturday, April 10, 2021

Die cut double down

For the second day in a row, I'm blogging about a die-cut card.

Card Number 639: Upper Deck SPx Die-Cut, 1997; #SPX42

This set was a premium product in 1997. These cards were sold in packs of 3. There were 50 cards in the set and parallel versions to collect.

And, yes, that's a hologram in the big cresecent bit.

On first glance I didn't see the SPx logo, and I thought it looked like the DonRuss logo from when DonRuss was issued by the Play Off company. I kind of see an S and a P and the X is obvious.

The big prominent 19 on the front is not the card number. (Boo!)

The write up on the back is about Tony's home run production. He was never a home run guy, but 1997 was about the start of the obsession with home runs and records and so on, which is probably why the card focuses on that side of his game.

Total: 639 cards

I don't usually comment on current events but huge congratulations to Joe Musgrove who pitched the first no-hitter in Padres franchise history last night. Well done, Joe!

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  1. A. Love 90's SPx.

    B. Congratulations Musgrove! Big day for Padres fans. The whole "never had a no-hitter" monkey is finally off the franchise's back. Go Padres!