Monday, May 17, 2021

Modern Monday - The Art of Hitting

I mentioned yesterday how two fellow collectors contacted me on the same day last week to ask if I wanted a Tony Gwynn card they had available. Russell was a bit hesitant in his offer because the card in question was unlicensed. However, that isn't an issue for me, and when an unlicensed card looks as good as this one, who cares about logos?

Card Number 676: Panini Diamond Kings Art of Hitting insert, 2021; #AOH6

There are 10 cards in this insert series. It's especially relevant to Tony who wrote a book called The Art of Hitting. I remember reading a comment that Tony should have called his book the Science of Hitting instead of the Art, because he took a very methodical approach to the game and applied trial and error to everything. However, Ted Williams had already used that title for his book about hitting, which Tony read and re-read multiple times.

Diamond Kings cards are all 'illustrated' in a similar style now and no artist is credited with designs like these. I like the way the image has been replicated on the cards in this insert series, although in this case it does look a little bit like a chorus line. (My wife, Cathy, said "Ooh, he's dancing!" when she saw it.)

The image features on the back as well.

Now I'm known as someone who reads cardbacks and has a passing interest in cardbacks that feature other languages besides English. Have a close look at the copyright notice and it looks like there are some hanzi or kanji letters there.

I would like to know if that is Chinese or Japanese, or neither. I'd be very happy to add that tiny bit of non-English to my list of languages that feature on Tony's baseball cards.

A big thank you to Russell for sending me this card. It takes me up to 6 cards issued in 2021 in my collection.

Total: 676 cards


  1. Lack of logos aren't a problem with me as long as the card is highly discounted or free. There are even a few sets like 2013 Panini Hometown that I actually enjoy and opened boxes of.

    I noticed the Chinese or Japanese writing on the back of a Panini card on another blog, but don't know either language.

    1. I've yet to find a Japanese or Korean card featuring Tony. I'd love to get one if any exist.

  2. Unlicensed cards generally don't appeal to me but this one isn't too bad.

  3. The text is "Panini" in Chinese. They've been making a push into the Chinese market recently.

    I personally don't want any more variations to collect, lol

    1. That's good knowledge there, Derek. Thanks.